The Mineralogical Society
of New South Wales

Welcome to the Mineralogical Society of NSW

Do you marvel at the beauty of mineral specimens and crystals, collect minerals and gems as a hobby, or have a scientific interest in their formation and chemistry?

The Society, founded in 1975, promotes the appreciation and learning of mineral science and mineral collecting. Members include fossickers, mineral collectors, professional mineralogists and geologists.

Monthly general meetings are usually held in the Parramatta area, or via Zoom.


07oct7:00 pm9:00 pmOctober MeetingThere will be a lecture to be given by Noel Kennon on : – ‘Colour and the Colour of Minerals’.


04nov6:00 am6:00 amNovember MeetingLee Spencer will give a lecture on the Emperor Gold Mines. There will also be a Kids with Cancer sale held during the evening. The projected Kids with Cancer sale has been moved to November to give members more notice to find specimens to donate. Members are invited to look through their collections and select specimens to donate for the sale. All proceeds will be sent to the Kids with Cancer foundation. Members are asked to advise in advance of the sale what specimens they will donate so that a list can be circulated to members although more specimens could be brought in on the evening. Specimens should be provided with the name, location if known, and the donor’s sale price.


02dec11:00 am3:00 pmDecember Meeting – Christmas Swap and SellChristmas Swap And Sell. Holding the Christmas Social and Swap and Sell during the day on Saturday the 3rd instead of Friday evening the 2nd of December is being considered. Last year due to the residual virus considerations the Social was held on Saturday and members may have found this more convenient.

What we do

Learn about minerals

Our monthly meetings have a varied program of presentations suitable for all levels of knowledge.

Collect minerals

The Society provides many opportunities to acquire mineral specimens by purchase, field collecting, swapping and gifting.

Go on field trips

There is nothing like going out bush and collecting your own minerals on a field trip with friends from the society.

Share knowledge

The combined knowledge of our members about both Australian and overseas minerals is immense, and is generously shared.

Visit the micro world

Microscopes reveal an amazing variety of mineral colour, shape and form not obvious to the naked eye.

Soak up some science

Mineral occurrences, ore deposits, and the sciences of crystallography and mineral chemistry are all part of studying minerals.