About the Mineralogical Society of New South Wales

Cerussite - Elura deposit (Endeavor Mine), NSW

The Mineralogical Society of New South Wales ("Min Soc NSW") promotes knowledge and enjoyment of mineral science and mineral collecting. The Society was founded in 1975, and includes both professional and lay people interested in mineralogy. We hold monthly meetings, and also organise field trips. Along with other Australian State Mineralogical Societies, we participate in the publication of the Australian Journal of Mineralogy.


We meet on the first Friday of the eleven months February to December unless that Friday is before a long weekend or is itself a public holiday, in which case the meeting is put back until the second Friday. Meetings start at 7.30pm. Visitors are very welcome. See list of future meeting dates and topics below. Meetings are held in the clubrooms of the Parramatta and Holroyd Lapidary Club at 73 Fullagar Rd, Wentworthville - see map below.

Forthcoming Meetings and Programs

Subject to circumstances some changes to the following schedule of program subjects and speakers may have to be made in due course.

July 5th 2019

There will be a lecture given by David Colchester on ‘Why Rely on Nature When You Can Make Your Own Minerals’. There will also be a report to be given by Paul Meszaros on : - ‘The NSW Economic Rock and Mineral Collection – Latest Developments’. 

August 2nd 2019

The Society Annual General Meeting followed by the Mayne/Walker Memorial lecture which will be given this year by Peter Williams and Jim Sharpe on : - Secondary Copper minerals of the Mt Isa District.

September 6th 2019

There will be a lecture to be given by Lee Spencer on Arsenates: (with examples from the Ojeula Mine, Mexico).

October 11th 2019 (Second Friday)

There will be a lecture on Mineral Museums in Australia and Overseas by Dieter Mylius and Graham Ogle.

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